Last Update: June 11, 2021


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NuVet Vitamins    "Get your pet healthy, keep your pet healthy."

~Natural          ~Revolutionary          ~Not Sold In Stores

For more information about NuVet Vitamins please see our "NuVet Vitamins" page.
Guaranteed! Or your money back!

While we highly recommend these vitamins, they are in no way required as a part of our guarantee/contract. 

Welcome, and thank you for visiting us today!
We are a small in-home breeder of miniature dachshunds located in central Arkansas.
Our goal is to produce the best quality puppies that we possibly can,
with health, temperament, and conformation in mind.
Our dogs are raised as loving and important members of our family, all puppies will come pre-spoiled and well-socialized. All of our babies receive ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) starting at birth, which gets them used to handling and better prepares them for their lives to be better pets and well-behaved dogs. Our puppies are started on crate-training before leaving our home.

What your new baby comes with:
~2 year genetic health guarantee
~Vet check-up prior to leaving
~All puppy shots done, puppies stay until 12-14 weeks old
~5 lb bag of 4Health puppy food
~de-wormed regularly

~lifetime breeder support

Deposits/Buying Your Puppy
A deposit ($200) will hold the puppy of your choice until he/she is ready to leave. Deposits are refundable, we understand things happen, you don't need to bring a new puppy home simply because you don't want to lose your deposit. We do NOT accept deposits before puppies are born. We will NOT allow any puppy/dog to leave here without payment in full, and we CANNOT hold a puppy without a deposit.

Your deposit goes toward the purchase price of your puppy.

Puppies will be ready to leave between 12-14 weeks old, to receive all vaccinations. We will NOT allow puppies to leave prior to 12 weeks of age.

We will no longer keep a waiting or notification list, if you want to keep up with our puppies and our dogs please like and follow us on Facebook, or check our website periodically. A list takes up so much of our time that is better spent with our family (humans and our pets), and we have found almost everyone is no longer looking by the time we get through it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We prefer postal money orders or cash. 

If you are too far to make the drive and visit us in person to meet our beautiful and wonderful dogs and puppies, we encourage you to fly in and pick up your baby in person to ride back with you in the cabin.

Our nearest airport is LIT (Bill & Hilary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas), you can then come here or we can meet you at the airport and you can take your new baby in the cabin with you.

You are also welcome to use a flight nanny to pick your puppy up at our airport and fly to your nearest airport. We do have a company that we recommend, Puppy Dispatch, you pay them a small deposit and then pay the remainder to them when you meet them at your airport and get your puppy.

Our puppies and dogs are our babies, we do our best to insure that each one goes to a good, kind, loving, and forever home. If at any time in your puppy's life you are no longer able to care for him/her properly, please let us know. We will take the puppy back (no questions asked) and find him/her another suitable home. If you have someone that wants your puppy, please get in touch with us first so we can talk to that person BEFORE you give them the pup. We want to insure the best for all of our babies and do not want any of our babies in homes that don't suit them. Thank you!

We do not and will not sell to puppy mills or brokers. We will NOT sell to pet shops and our puppies are not for sale "by the litter" or "group".

We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone, for any reason at all.

Please note that we do NOT guarantee our puppies against infectious diseases such as parvo, coccidia, and giardia; Parvo can show symptoms as early as 24 hours after exposure (per our veterinarian) and coccidia & giardia can pop up with stress (such as a new environment) but we do our best to insure your puppy has minimal stress as possible.

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