We are taking our summer break.  We will start practice again in September - join us!

Have you heard??   Singing is healthy for you!! 

The Cranberry Civic Chorale was founded in 1994 by John Milius, a township supervisor, after finding out that many residents had an interest in joining a group. 

The choir currently has about 30 singers, but would love to have some new members.  You do not need to be an experienced singer to join the group, jut have the willingness to learn - we are happy to help you along.  We are primarily an adult group, but we wouldn’t object to some younger members, provided that are at least 12 years old, and have some rudimentary music reading skills.  The chorale is a great place to experience fun and fellowship. 

The chorale has two seasons yearly.  We practice from September through November, then perform from the end of November through the middle of December.  During this time, we perform Christmas and other seasonal songs for church social groups, senior care homes and other similar venues.  Our second season runs from late February through the beginning of July.  We generally sing patriotic songs and show tunes during this performance session.  Each season we have around ten-fifteen performances.  We perform both on weekday evenings and afternoon hours on the weekend.

Practices are held at Plains Presbyterian Church on Monday nights from 7:00PM - 8:30PM. 

For more information, please email us at:  cranberrychoir@gmail.com

For questions, please contact Carolyn Steele at cranberrychoir@gmail.com or (724) 453-1684.

Our performance schedule can be found on the schedule page.

Just a note about participating in a choir:

The fact that choral singing is a communal activity is especially significant today when we increasingly rely on internet-based communications, rather than face-to-face interaction. Several recent studies have shown a significant decline in civic engagement in our communities. Robert Putnam, Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government scholar, asserts that the significance of choral singing goes beyond music making, and even beyond the arts. He sees group performing as contributing directly to the social trust and reciprocity that is the basis of civic engagement. His work shows that the mere existence of choral groups helps foster America’s democratic culture…

Chorus America found that choral singers are far more likely to be involved in charity work, as volunteers and as donors (76 %), than the average person (44% according to a 2001 report by Independent Sector). Choral singers are also more than twice as likely as non-participants to be aware of current events and involved in the political process. They are also twice as likely as the general public to be major consumers of other arts – and not just music. – America’s Performing Art: A Study of Choruses, Choral Singers, and their Impact (Chorus Impact Study, 2003); www.chorusamerica.org