The Dow Jones Industrial Infantry

Bull markets.  Bear markets.   Buy.  Sell!  We talk a lot about “The Market,” but do we really know what the market is?  What does the Dow Jones Industrial Average measure?  What companies constitute a cross-section of the American economy?

The Dow Jones Industrial Infantry visualizes the size of the thirty companies on the DJI through little green army men.  It then compares the human scale of these companies to the market capitalization, or total value, of their stock.  Wal-Mart emerges as the biggest player – in fact, larger in sheer numbers than even the entire U.S. Military.  ExxonMobil, meanwhile, makes the most of its control of the energy market.  What other insights can you see?

Little green army men

Process Work

(Market Capitalization figures sourced evening May 
4th, 2010)

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