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  • "Craigslist" is the name of a song and single by "Weird Al" Yankovic. It is a style parody of The Doors, and contains lyrics inspired by postings at the online classified advertising service, Craigslist.
  • Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.
  • To advertise (a product or service) on the Craigslist website
    cape cod
  • A sandy peninsula in southeastern Massachusetts that forms a wide curve enclosing Cape Cod Bay. The Pilgrims landed on the northern tip of Cape Cod in November 1620
  • Cape Cod, often referred to locally as simply the Cape, is an island and a cape in the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusetts, in the Northeastern United States. It is coextensive with Barnstable County.
  • a Massachusetts peninsula to the south of Boston extending into the Atlantic; a popular resort area
  • A Cape Cod cottage is a style of house originating in New England in the 17th century. It is traditionally characterized by a low, broad frame building, generally a story and a half high, with a steep, perfectly pitched roof with end gables, a large central chimney and very little ornamentation.
  • A type of rectangular house with a deeply gabled roof
craigslist cape cod
craigslist cape cod - The Craigslist
The Craigslist Murders: A Novel (Melville International Crime)
The Craigslist Murders: A Novel (Melville International Crime)
Who’s killing the Upper East Side trophy wives?

Unleashing the pent-up fury most Americans feel over the financial crisis, Brenda Cullerton’s wickedly riotous tale of an interior “desecrator” turned murderess is a flaming arrow into the dark heart of Manhattan’s filthy rich.

Working on New York’s Upper East Side for phenomenally rich and frighteningly skinny women who are suffering from BBS (Birkin Bag Syndrome—a muscle ailment due to carrying heavy pocketbooks) has driven interior designer Charlotte Wolfe mad. It seems to her that the insatiable pursuit of luxury breeds monsters. She gets even angrier when she begins to encounter the same thing over and over again: these women are so cheap they go on Craigslist to sell things their husband kept from wife number one.

As the financial crisis escalates and Charlotte’s own resources dwindle, her rage leads her to not only bite the well-manicured hands that feed her, but to do something more—to really clean house. A razor-sharp satire that’s both laugh-out-loud funny and edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, The Craigslist Murders will inspire readers to cheer an unlikely heroine, whose nightmares are the stuff of a poor person’s dreams.

picture off of craigslist
picture off of craigslist
Reply to: Date: 2009-01-12, 8:36AM EST Mint-condition Ross Mt. Hood 18-speed cross bike for tall rider; 25” wheels; 25” frame; 34.5” crossbar height; ready to ride; hardly used; only $75. This is a great performing, highly efficient bike used sparingly for a few regional treks around the Boston area, outer Cape Cod, & White Mountains. Meticulously maintained & looks new. If you love biking, you’ll swear by this bike. Moving & must sell quickly at sacrifice price. CALL 617-xxx-xxxx 8AM-10PM
I'd been watching craigslist for some used studio furniture. The flat file in back was made by a former employee of the Schantz Organ Company in Orrville, Ohio.
craigslist cape cod
craigslist cape cod
Cape Cod: Illustrated Edition of the American Classic
Originally published in 1865, Henry David Thoreau’s Cape Cod is a wonderfully written, surprisingly funny account of nineteenth-century life on the Cape well before it became a major tourist attraction. To this day, many people consider it the best book ever written about Cape Cod. This new illustrated volume features the complete text of Thoreau’s classic work as published in Houghton Mifflin’s 1906 edition, the stunning photography of Scot Miller, and a foreword from the preeminent Thoreau biographer, Robert Richardson. Many of the lush color photographs show elements of the landscape that Thoreau would have seen: the great beach, imposing cliffs, sand dunes, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, beach grass, seaweed; others reflect the unique personality of Cape Cod and its people today, including local artists and architecture. The combination of Thoreau’s timeless text and Miller’s exquisitely reproduced color photographs make this an indispensable book for anyone who loves Thoreau’s writing or Cape Cod.

The book is being published in association with the Walden Woods Project, which is dedicated to preserving the lands Thoreau wrote about. For each copy sold, Houghton Mifflin and Scot Miller are making a donation to the Walden Woods Project.