Welcome to my website.

I became involved with the field of instructional technology as an undergraduate student 2000. At that time, I stumbled upon a job helping preservice teachers to learn and integrate computer technologies into their instruction. I co-taught this course (with several other teaching assistants) over the next few years. At that time, students needed to learn how to use Microsoft Office, code HTML, design HyperStudio stacks, and add attachments to email. It amazes me how much technology has changed over the past ten years. While co-teaching this course, I was instrumental in revising the curriculum, developing tutorials and instructional materials, and supporting students.

After earning my degree, Provo City School District hired me as part of a national technology grant. My job responsibilities included helping teachers implement low-cost electronic portfolios. This opportunity helped me to get more involved with local school districts and gain a better understanding of the technology challenges they faced. Through this experience, I became interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia.

I entered the PhD program in 2003. While attending, I gained a more robust foundation of instructional design, helped several school districts explore technology integration within elementary-level mathematics, and support electronic portfolios throughout the college of education. Eventually eportfolios became my dissertation topic and a research interest that I continue to pursue.

Currently I am an associate professor of instructional technology at the University of Wyoming. In my free time I love hiking, camping, and exploring nature with my wife and three children. I also enjoy anime, bike riding, reading, and board games.