Undergraduate Education at BC

B.S. Biochemistry, Boston College , Summa Cum Laude, Class of 2006

Works created while at BC:

Independent Study in Psychology (Spring 2005):

            Subjectivity in Psychiatric Diagnosis  Read it  (PDF file)

            FoxP2 Gene: The language gene  Read it  (PDF file)

Biochemistry Lab (Fall 2005):

            Lab Paper on Glutatione Peroxidase Enzyme Characteristics  Read it (PDF file)

Literature of Biochemistry (Spring 2006):

            Review of Nitric Oxide  Read it (PDF file)

            Review of Anthrax  Read it (PDF file)

            Review of Prions  Read it (PDF file)

Volunteer Tribute Speech (given Spring 2006)  Read it (PDF file)