"The joy of the Lord is your strength"

{Nehemiah 8:10}


Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

Greater Is He That Is In You

{1 John 1-5}

Bellaire Family Ministry

Richard Craig Bellaire was born and raised in Waco, Texas. In 1992 he was radically saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Determined to learn more about his newfound faith in Jesus Christ, he put his future and talents in the hands of God and submitted to a local church.

Within a few months, he joined a street ministry and experienced the excitement and challenge of reaching the lost and hurting in some of his city's troubled neighborhoods.

During these 2 1/2 years of street ministry, God gave Craig new compassion for hurting people and a new vision for using his talents to communicate the Gospel. He began combining his preaching and teaching skills with a quick wit, and humor to bring a more visual presentation to promote the Gospel.

In January 1997 Craig joined a full-time ministry serving as an associate in helps and evangelism. This three-year internship allowed him to travel with a full-time evangelist and minister the Word.

Craig is ordained through Dr. Dan Hope of World Bible Way Fellowship, Inc. and has studied under Tim Story's "School of Miracles" and has been praying for the sick since 1992 with almost 100% of all backs being healed.

In December 2000 Craig ministered in Upstate New York and met his wife Liza. Craig soon moved to the Rochester, New York area and is now enjoying his new life as a husband, father, and minister. On Feb. 7, 2005, Craig and Liza had their first child, Christina Hope Bellaire, on June 27, 2010, Richard Alexander Bellaire was born.

Craig's high energy, down-to-earth ministry style, and strong message of help for the hurting along with Liza's approach to teaching appeals to congregations of all ages. This Ministry is changing lives and strengthening the Body of Christ.!

A note from Craig,

Several years ago my heart was touched by watching someone healed Physically and Emotionally. This was accomplished through communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a manner which allows God to prove that He is still God. This individual was changed and has never been more free. Through this manner of ministry, I myself have been able to go though doors that are not open to traditional methods. Many people in this modern christiandom may believe this is "Living on The Edge" but as one wise friend once said "If you're not living on the edge then your taking up to much space." I believe that we have a mandate to prove that God is real for today's generation. We need to use the tools which God has given His children and have faith, because we can't afford to wait another day to reach out with something new, different or unique. Tomorrow was never promised.

Richard Craig Bellaire

God Heals whether you believe it or not!