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Advice for Schools

Craggaunowen is the ideal place to visit with children and students. It is atmospheric, educational and inspirational, having a lasting effect on most people that go there. Many are compelled to return as adults and bring their own children or classes with them.

Health and Safety
Group teachers, supervisors or guardians must accompany any children in their care to all areas of the site. Strict Control should be maintained on your group. It is not always appropriate for a tour guide to have to manage or correct the behaviour of a visiting group.

Teachers and supervisors should note that the site has a large body of water, open woodland, loose rocky ground, fast ground (hilly, sudden drops), stone steps, walls and open fires. The water is fenced off along footpaths and visitors are asked not to stray from these paths, not to climb on walls or interfere with fires. Fires are ever a fascination to the young, so please impress upon them that they should not interfere with any fire on the site. These are located in the visitor centre tea room, castle, Crannóg and Ringfort. On the occasion the Fulacht Fia is operational, there will be a fire there also. Visiting Re-enactors or Living History specialists may be on site on the occasion of your visit and have additional fires for black smithing, bronze casting, pottery or other fire-based crafts.

Many of the buildings at Craggaunowen are thatched. Please ensure your group do not pull any thatch from the roofs as it does not go back in! This eventually results in the thatch sliding and the need to have the roof re-thatched!

Schools Programmes - Workbooks

There are two workbooks available from Shannon Heritage for primary school pupils and secondary (Junior Cert) level students.

Primary School
This workbook asks pupils questions based on the textual information provided, on what the pupil sees on site or learns from the tour guide and opinion based questions. It follows in line with features as they are experienced on site. 

Workbook for Primary Students for Craggaunowen - The Living Past Experience (224 KB PDF File)

Secondary School -
Junior Certificate

Shannon Heritage have put together this workbook that will require you to use your knowledge of the Junior Certificate course to complete and the glut of the preparation should be done in the class room.

Secondary School Workbook Craggaunowen (982 KB PDF File)

(Please note that some of the questions in this workbook may be outside of the on-site tour guides knowledge. The main example would be the questions on the 'Normans' and ‘motte and baileys'. Norman influence and structures are not covered in Craggaunowen Tour guide training as there are no examples on site. Those questions are better associated with the Bunratty landscape.)

Workbooks for other Shannon Heritage sites are available on their Schools Programmes web page.