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Advice for Guides

Advice for visiting tour guides.

Listed here are documents (in development) designed to help bus drivers and tour guides on their approach to the Craggaunowen Centre before handing them over to the resident tour guides. These are issued in an attempt to provide accurate and up to date information on the type of sites featured, and to help tour guides, schools and companies in their preparations.
We also plan to provide a full script for tour guides who wish to conduct their own tour of the park.

NB: Guided tours at Craggaunowen are included in a groups ticket price at no extra cost and should be booked in advance to ensure personnel are available.

  • The Craggaunowen Primer - Setting the scene without spilling the beans *
  • Craggaunowen - A script for visiting Guides *

= These documents are in development and will be ready soon, we hope.