Jury and Standards

How to Participate in a Craftworkers' Guild Fair

Goods presented for sale at the Craftworkers' Guild season shops are juried to ensure that they meet high standards for creativity, materials and workmanship.  The Jury and Standards Committee is responsible for helping to ensure that our members' crafts meet these standards.  This is intended to be a helpful and supportive process which members should not find intimidating.

Here is how it works
  • You must be a member before you can have your work juried.

  • Jury sessions are held several times per year and are announced to all members.  When a jury session is announced, you may request an appointment as directed.

  • Bring 3-5 samples of each type of your work to show the jury members.

  • After meeting with you, the jury will either approve your work, or make suggestions so that it can meet our standards.

  • After your crafts are approved we help you learn how to present your goods to the best advantage in the shop during a merchandising seminar.

  • We help you to prepare yourself to work in the shop when you attend a shop workers training session. 

    We look forward to your participation.
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