Requirements of D&T

This subject needs an ATTITUDE!
This subject requires consistent effort, great determination and a attitude to constantly seek the best options.
You must be ready to keep working, keep asking "why".
You are NOT creating a "best design" for yourself, so "good enough for me" is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
Your "best design" is for a target user group, and you must go deep in finding out what are the users' needs, and improve their lives!
The subject has the following components:
The subject is being assessed in 2 papers. (Similar for Express, Normal(Acad) and Normal(Tech) students.)
Paper 1: Theory (30%)
Students are expected to show their understanding and apply skills in:
- design
- drawing and
- the 3 technologies (structures, mechanisms and electronics)
Paper 2: Coursework (70%)
Students are expected to explore a wide range of design opportunities based on a given "theme".
They need to search for an opportunity to design for a suitable target user group to help them fulfil their needs by designing a suitable product.
The 3 key components a student is required to produce in the coursework are:
1. Design Journal 
    which records the process of achieving the design. It includes:
    ~ planning and monitoring
    ~ research
    ~ idea conceptualisation an development
2. Presentation Boards
    which shows clearly the purpose of the product and the best views of the final design
    ~ Design situation and needs, Design Brief and Design Specifications
    ~ Presentation Drawings (contextual use and context)
    ~ Working Drawings (Orthographic Projections, Material lists and Exploded Views)
3. Artefact (Prototype)
    ~ Showing usage of resistant materials (i.e. plastics, metals or wood material)
    ~ Show a completed artefact that is well finished
The syllabus for D&T for the 'N' and 'O' Levels are given here.