Subject Information for Sec 2 Students (For Subject Option)

Message for boys
We encourage you to take up the challenge, if you: 
- like "thinking out of the box"
- like to see problems as opportunities
- like to solve problems
- like to research for data
- like to draw and appreciate beautiful products
and most importantly
- WANT to see your work from design concept to production!
Message for Parents
Design & Technology - A Subject for Your Boy?
Since D&T was formally introduced, there has been a few rounds of syllabus reviews to increase the emphasis on design thinking. Students will develop the ability to research, generate new concepts, communicate these concepts, develop them into working solutions and constructing the product. 
More importantly, the subject strives to mould our students into future talents:
- with positive values
with the ability to create
- with the tenacity to seek continuous refinement and
- with no fear of failure 
Where can this subject bring your boy?
The subject has a large range of skills which students can apply in many fields.
In terms of the direct advantages to institutes of higher learning, D&T is most widely recognised in:
- design-related courses such as:
    ~ architecture
    ~ product and industrial design
    ~ graphic and media design
- engineering courses
- science courses
    ~ research and development
    ~ material sciences
From these courses (mostly found in polytechnics), students can look forward to further specialisation in the fields of design, engineering and sciences offered in NUS, NTU, the new SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) and other private institutions.
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