Coursework - Authentic Learning

Since 2007, the Food & Consumer Education (FCE) Unit has customized their curriculum to move into a project based curriculum. From the last decade, the HE department has worked with the D&T, Science, English, Art,  PE, Humanities and CCE departments in various coursework programmes. The FCE coursework has become a main stay in the school's efforts in curriculum integration.
The intention of these coursework is to introduce project work to different subjects each year so that every department has an opportunity to engage lower secondary students in interdisciplinary project work through an interesting and authentic project. Since 2013, one of the coursework projects has evolved and integrated with the Applied Design and Service Learning (ADSL) programme (co-developed with the D&T unit) in which students apply FCE knowledge and skills, Design Thinking as well as Service Learning to create dishes, snacks and drinks to raise funds for needy students. 
Through these authentic learning programmes, students are found to adopt a more conscientious attitude and at the same time, they are more engaged as they find the acquisition of knowledge and skills more meaningful.