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External Competitions

Millennium Challenge 2015

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Bridge Challenge 09'

The above competition was held on 11-12 Sept 09. It was a two days one night camp during which students were challenged on their skills in model making and their understanding of materials and concepts of structures.


The students who represented the school were:

1.  Elijah Yeo Boon Pin    3N1 (2009)

2.  Nabin Parajuli                3N1 (2009)

3.  Jason Benjamin Nelson   3N1 (2009)

and they were led by Ms Chan Pong Kiat.


The team won the Best in Aesthetic and Innovation Award. More importantly, the students gained tremendous confidence and invaluable experience learning and working with each other.


Preparations and testing in school
Building the structure at Ngee Ann Poly                 The students Elijah, Nabin and Jason
Ms Chan and the team
The team explaining their concept to the judges            The structure being tested

The winners!