Sec 3: Enquire, Explain, Engage

E3 :  Enquire Explain  Engage


E3 is a programme initiated by the Secondary 3 D&T teachers to engage students in self-directed learning by leveraging on ICT. The topics in D&T this programme focuses on are topics from the three technologies covered in D&T. Over the years, the department has identified that knowledge and application of technologies is one of the students’ weakest areas in the subject. Hence, in 2010, the department embarked on a trial to get students to take more responsibility for their learning. Students will be divided into groups and each group is given a topic in one of the technologies to learn and prepare notes, worksheets and presentation slides to help other fellow students to understand the topic. In the process, students have to look for their D&T teachers to clarify their doubts and develop their understanding. The notes, worksheets and slides will be vetted and placed online for all students to access.

The following are the details of the programme.


At the end of the assignment and sharing, students should be able to

1.   appreciate and accurately describe the different types of technology

2.   be aware of the shortcomings and advantages of each technology

3.   be familiar with the types of questions commonly asked

Deliverables of each E3 Team:

1.    Presentation slides

2.    Worksheet with sample questions for fellow peers

These material will also serve as additional resources for revision for the students resources to the students (websites/ worksheets) to aid and guide them in doing the assignment.


Students are they are divided into their groups and introduced to the various topics from Term 1 Week 1. E3 research and collating of data will take up to Week 7 after school curriculum time. After Sec 3 camp in Week 8, selected groups (3-4) will be asked to present their work to the class in Week 9.


Each completed assignment will be uploaded to LEAD portal for dissemination to the rest. Questions used may be used for SA1/CA.


The topics covered under E3  this year is found in the attached document.