Lower Secondary Programme

Applied Design in Service Learning (ADSL)


The Secondary 1 students in 2009 are our pioneer batch of students participating in the Applied Design in Service learning (ADSL) module which integrates Service Learning in the school’s Values Education Programme with Design & Technology lessons. This module is an integral part of each student’s 4/5 year Servant Leadership Journey in St. Gabriel’s and it provides a clear introduction to Service Learning. In addition, this module also introduces Social Entrepreneurial concepts and Business Planning to the Secondary 1 students.


Under the school’s Service Learning framework, the focus of Secondary 1 students was “Love thy School”. Their project brief for 2009 was to help raise funds to help the FAP students in Semester 1 and to help the building of our Indoor Sports Hall in Semester 2. Each class operates as an organization looking into formulating and executing their class business plan for raising funds through the sales of products manufactured by themselves using their D&T skills. Each student needs to design and produce a product related to the Youth Olympic Games to promote the awareness of the games to the buyers. The class then selects the best design/designs to promote, mass manufacturing and sell.


In the module, the Secondary 1 students had a chance to work as a class to choose the products to manufacture and to organize themselves as production units. Meanwhile, they are introduced to the complete design process. The boys also had to develop valuable skills such as creative thinking and IT for presentations of their business plan. For 2009, the students have raised close to $ 4000 from the ADSL module.
The Scheme of Work and the Assessment Components for the ADSL Module are found in the attachments.
Advertisement by the students
Preparing the business plan in groups
Production of products for sale
Products by students for sale

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