Graduating Classes Autodesk Inventor Pro Training

The enrichment programme aims to equip students with real world skills in a professional software. The Autodesk Inventor Pro software provides students with a range of opportunities. It allows the students to model their designs before actual production, allowing them to visualize their designs realistically and troubleshoot problems in the sizing, joints and understanding the movements in moving components. This software also enhances their knowledge on working drawings and presentation drawings required in the D&T syllabus. Students who have explored the software will also be able to understand drafting programmes which will be useful when they enroll in Engineering and Design courses in Institutes of Higher Learning.
In 2010, a pioneer batch of 50 graduating 'O' Level students picked up the skills in the software and they went on to develop their designs, working and presentation drawings for the D&T 'O' Level Coursework submission. In August, a second group of students from Secondary 3 Express also embarked on the course and have delivered project assignments with the software.
Attached are some sample of the 2010 graduating students' work.
Gaming mouse - Designed by Lim Jiasheng (2010, 5N1)