Design and Technology

What is Design and Technology?
Design and Technology (D&T) was first introduced in secondary schools in Singapore in 1990. Before D&T, there were technical subjects such as metalwork and woodwork. Students were also taught to be proficient in technical drawings. D&T today integrate these subjects with additional components such as design communication and research skills
Since the mid 1980s, there is greater emphasis in inculcating critical thinking and problem solving skills. As Singapore rapidly evolves into a knowledge and innovation driven economy, creativity and other 21st century skills are becoming more and more crucial. The needs of a workforce with high innovative capacity and technical proficiency is ever pressing. Since D&T was formally introduced, there has been a few rounds of syllabus reviews to increase the emphasis on design thinking. The ability to research, generate new concepts, communicate these concepts and develop them into working solutions are as important as the eventual production of the solutions.

D&T is a compulsory subject for lower secondary students in Singapore. At upper secondary, it is an elective subject.

The Syllabus

Distilled from the current syllabus established since 2007, the department aims to:

  • foster positive values and develop dispositions for enterprise, creativity and innovation
  • harness their innate curiosity and ability to create
  • develop the quality of tenacity through continuous refinement
  • exercise judgments of an aesthetic, technical and economic nature
  • develop an awareness of design in the areas of social, culture and environment
  • and acquire knowledge and skills beyond that as stipulated in the syllabus
The click on the following links to download the information on the syllabus documents for the various level/streams:

- For Express and Normal(Acad) students

- For Normal(Tech) students

- D&T(Syllabus T) 'N' level for Normal(Tech) students (7053)
- D&T 'N' level for Normal(Acad) students (7054)
You may also obtain these documents from the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) website. Look under "Examinations" and choose the relevant examination.