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Wedding's crafts

Weddings can be expensive, but your floral arrangement doesn’t have to be. You can still have a fabulous floral display with a modest budget of $500 and less. These are some of the crafts I have done for a few weddings, and as I said, they all only cost me between $200- under $500. And all the crafts I have done for my friends and family weddings, were my wedding gifts to them. Unfortunately, I didn't document them all, here are just some of the pictures I do have.  
 A friend of mine always dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding. And she got her wish, and it was a beautiful spring wedding! It was years ago since the wedding, unfortunately I do not have a lot of pictures of the crafts we have done for the wedding from back then. However, here are some example of the stuff we do have from that wedding.
To start off.. This is her idea for wedding invitation. We’ve turned the invitation into a scroll, lining it with silver foil. And then we decorated each one with different spring and summer flowers. It was a small wedding and each invitation was hand deliver. Needless to say, every body loved the invitation.



This is her wedding gift to the guests. She found this cute little horses with carriage in the bridal section in a craft store. She decorate each one with blue ribbon (part of her wedding dress color) and a chocolate inside the carriage.


And for desert, we have a cheese cake that’s decorated with all sorts of berries, with fresh flowers and a mini glass slipper on top of the cake to further tie in the fairy tale theme for the wedding. Unfortunately this is not the best picture I have to show it, but it’s my only one. And here is 2 floral stands that stood about 3 and half feet tall. They were both used to display at the wedding ceremony and reception hall.


This is the second wedding I have done for another friend of mine. It was a Scottish wedding in Oct, and they wanted fall colour scheme. And it was another beautiful wedding! I believe I spend just around $400 for their weddings, and with that, I made the bride's bouquet, 5 bride's maids bouquets, flower girl's basket, 12 table center piece for the reception, and 3 candle stand flower arrangements for the head tables.

This is a flower basket for the flower girl.



The bride has a thing for wheat and ivy, and I come up with this wheat bundle in the center for height, with fall color theme around the based. I think I made about 12 of each of these center piece for the wedding. It was a big wedding.


This is a candle floral arrangement for the bridal tables. It is a wave shape tealight candle stand. A splash of fall colour flowers concentrated in the center with ivy thin out on each side of the arm.


And here is the bridal and bride’s maids bouquets. As I said, she loved the look of wheat, and specifically requested to incorporate wheat into her bouquet. And she loved her bouquet. On the right is bride’s maid bouquet, assorted sunflowers fitting for the fall theme. And there were 5 bride’s maids.


Another wedding I have done was for my cousin. Because I offered it a bit too late, the bride had already made down payment for the fresh floral display. But they still request for arrangements that did not supply by the floral shop. Here are a few things I’ve made for their wedding. The wedding colours are plum, gold and red. So I primary use a deep purple rose, yellow orchids and red berries for all the floral arrangements. Again, the wedding cost me just under $400 as well.

This is a box for the wedding cards. I decorate it with marble wall paper, and made a separate floral piece to go on top of it to enhance it.





I made a couple of floral baskets like these for them to hand out the wedding program with.

Here are a set of floating candle holders. It has some empty space between the glass bowl and the holder, which is perfect of putting floral arrangement in. And they are placed by the guests signing book at the dinner reception hall as shown below.



I made a couple of tall arrangements for their desert table. And I also reuse the wave shape candle holder for their cake table.
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