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General and Seasonal Crafts

The following pictures are crafts by seasons and for general occasions as well. Majority of the crafts I made were made as gifts to someone. I kept very few of my own crafts.

I love spring time. There are so many lovely flowers that bloom at Spring time. Here’s one of my favorites, Lily of the Valley, beautiful flowers and fragrance that makes a great cut flowers. It’s simple, elegant, and fragrance. Here, I use it as cut flower in a long arrow glass vase, but as you can, it can easily be turn into a bouquet to be used as bridal bouquets or table center piece in a wedding. Lilac is another spring fragrance that is great for any occasion.

Because of the type of flowers I used and the theme.. This wreath is great for your front door from spring through out end of summer. I love the 2 cute little birdies. Hehe

This is a fruit platter for the table center piece that I’ve created for a Thanks Giving dinner. It is a 3 floating candles holder in the center. I fill the plate with real fruits such as bananas, oranges, grapes and apples. Then I decorate the plate with fall leaves and flowers around the fruits to create this dinner center piece.

The gourd in the center is a candle holder that I’ve found in a store. It comes in pumpkin shape as well. I simply dress it up with Falls leaves and flowers to create this table center piece.

This is a Christmas wreath I have for my front door. :)

The following are couple of table center piece I made for home, and other one was a gift to a co-worker.
I can be such a nut when it comes to crafts. Any plain object is a craft creation in the making.  Examples from below are a plain candle holder that I turn it into a floral hanging basket. Or a plain tall candle holder becomes a floral stand.