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Citation Makers

Craftsbury uses MLA style, so be sure to select MLA if citation makers give you a choice.
You don’t have to memorize the format for citing books, interviews, lectures, song lyrics, websites, photos, or films. You do have to know where to find the appropriate format.


Easybib provides a free, easy-to use MLA citation maker. It includes all kinds of unusual and high-tech sources, from blogs and blogs to federal laws to comics.




Create a Noodletools account to keep your bibliography on the web.  It takes about 20 seconds to create an account.  "Noodle" can also analyze your sources for currency (how up-to-date are they?) and balance (90% online vs. 10% print, for example). 




With a free account, bibme lets you save bibliographies online.  It can often create a full citation even if all you remember is the title of a book, and bibme will even suggest further reading