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Just over a month left....

posted Oct 25, 2010, 5:00 AM by Samar Ansari
Hurry up and send in those entries folks. There is just about 1 month left for the final result of the lucky draw.
those who have sent in their entries are already enrolled for the lucky draw, those who are still waiting check
your order proforma invoices and send in your entries now.!!
The more the merrier was the trick...but now its very little time left....You could be the one enjoying a fantastic
vaction for two in India either basking in the sun besides the bustling beach in goa, or touring teh forts and palaces
and regal splendour of rajasthan or just gazing upon the best dedication to love "THE TAJ MAHAL" with your partner.
Endless options and teh best part is the start hotel accomodation and the meals plus the transportation is all
paid for....just enjoy !! Isnt that a prize worth winning..