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                         Foods and Fibers the Old Fashioned Way,in the Middle of the Mitten...Ovid, Michigan!                       


Crackling Pine Farm has been a dream of mine since I was just a young girl.  My Grandparents lived on a farm and my parents spent their childhood on farms, but left when they became adults.  All I can remember when I was young is wishing that I could too have grown up on a farm.

Living on a farm was not to be until I married, had children of my own, divorced, and then remarried.  Then I became spoiled and got everything that I ever wanted.  Horses came first, then chickens and then....Let's just say we raise everything we eat except the beef.  We have even grown our own beef now as well.

Up until 2000, we had five acres and three horses, three sheep and about twenty chickens.  One day just looking through the local paper I came across a real estate ad for a historical farmstead for sale.  I told my husband about it and asked if we could just go look.  We did and then the poop really hit the scoop!  I was in love with it all.  Things had to be done but everything fell into place and the next thing we knew we owned a 3500 square foot Victorian home with 29 acres, a huge dairy barn, and three other out buildings.

Everyone thought we were crazy, what did the two of us need with five bedrooms, maids quarters, and 12 milking stanions!?  From 1500 square feet to 3500!  Needless to say we are using every room and the barns.

We now have two of the three horses, two different sheep, some chickens, almost 20 dairy goats, in the warm months there is at least one pig, 50 meat chickens, and sometimes turkeys.  I have a good size garden that is full of veggies and fruits.

We eat what we raise and give away or sell any of the extras.

We don't have any fancy new equipment and use little to no chemicals or other extra non-esential additives.  Just good old fashioned hard work and Mother Nature's help.