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I have studied and researched a great many so-called "alternative health" practices and remedies for many years. I discovered a long time ago that many, if not all, of the practices and remedies that I have researched and studied, are far more adventageous to the cure of disease and illness in the human being, than mainstream medicine or practices will (probably) ever be.
I am not a qualified Doctor, but I am a qualified Massage Therapist and a qualified Curative Hypnotherapist.
Also, several years ago, I formulated my own therapy and called it Rehydration Therapy. I named my therapy Rehydration Therapy after studying the Water Cure by Dr F Batmanghelidj  for several years, and I also incorporated into my therapy many other concepts and remedies that had been shown to work against illness, disease and more. Some of which, but not all, are: Mind over matter (the use of focused attention to an intention,) the study of bio-electromagnetism,nutrition etc.
Before I give my protocols of the Major Weapons Against Influenza, I will give some information regarding vitamins, and also,to make some things, regarding the contents of this page, very clear to everyone.
Vitamins: It is widely believed, by the medical and nutritional professions, that anyone can get all of the vitamins that they need by eating fresh fruit and veg each day. This may have been true 100 years ago, but it certainly is not the case today. Why? Because the chemicals that have been put into the earth for many years, have killed many of the microbes that help plants to extract vitamins and minerals from the soil. This is a fact! You can only be sure of having plenty of vitamins and minerals in your fresh fruit and veg if you grow it yourself, and in purely organic growing mediums - such as soil that has had no man-made chemicals added, and with the addition of composts such as seaweed, cow/sheep manure etc etc
Please NOTE: I am not a Doctor - I am not a Nutritionist - My only formal qualifications are as above - I have helped many people over the years with my remedies and my own individual approach to all matters relating to health. My methods have always worked very well in the past, but this is not to say that my advice or information will help anyone reading this page.
Most people reading this page (or viewing this "site") will not know me, so, may I respectfully suggest that if you are in any doubt whatsoever about any advice or information that I give, then please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FIRST!
My Suggested Protocols For Major Weapons Against Influenza (including Swine Flu) 
First some brief information on Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C
What you may have been told about Vitamin C and your daily intake of such,is that the official RDA of Vitamin C is 60mg per day. This is nowhere near enough for the average human being. For example, did you know that if you smoke, then your body would use up approximately 28mg of "C" each time that you smoked a gigarette. Also, did you know that "C" only lasts for approximately 2 hours in your body before being "used up". Also, "C" is excreted in your urine each time that you "pee"
Each individual man or woman have their own individual "tolerance" for the amount of "C" that their body can accept.
The very easy way to find your own level of tolerance is thus for example: Take, say, 500mg of "C"......wait for a few hours......then after a few hours and if there is no sign of mild-diarrhoea, take, say 1000mg of "C"......wait for a few more hours......then if there is still no signs of mild-diarroea, take an even higher dose of "C"
Carry on like this until you show signs of mild-diarrhoea. If the mild-diarrhoea starts at, say for example, 5000mg of "C" then all you have to do is carry on taking the "C" but in a reduced dose......For example; 5000mg gave you mild-diarrhoea so make the next dose, say, 4500mg - and wait a few hours......If there is no signs of diarrhoea at 4500mg, then up your dose to,say 4600mg of "C"......And so on until you find your own individual Vitamin C tolerance......For some people it may be 20,000mg of "C" per day, for other people it may be only 5000mg per day and so on.
I would strongly suggest that you take as much vitamin C as your body will tolerate each day, and certainly in the case of contracting Swine Flu......Also, I would strongly suggest that you did not just take one (1) dose of "C" a day, bet several over the whole course of the day, for example 6 to 10 times a day or even more in life threatening conditions......Large doses of vitamin C has been shown to stop viruses in their tracks......"C" works better with Zinc and the "B" vitamin group.......I suggest that you buy Pure Vitamin C Powder ( Ascorbic Acid) best value is at Holland and Barrett at around £14 to £15 for 567grams
Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 has been shown to cure cancer, influenza and much more over many, many years (research this for yourselves)
but like most things that are very good for you, vitamin D3 information has been kept from the public by the "Powers that be"
Like vitamin C, vitamin D3 tolerances are different from one individual man or woman to another - but for some slightly different reasons.......A lot depends on where you live and how much sunshine you experience each day. For example, you will not need as much "D3" supplementation, via food, pills etc, if you lived on the equator because the body would extract all that it needed from the sunlight. But if, on the other hand, you lived in the UK and you experienced a year where there was a lot of cloud cover or rain, then you would probably need a "D3" supplement. This is one of the reasons why influenza is more prominent and severe in autumn, winter and spring than in summer......Many studies have been conducted on the effects of humans by the ingestion of vitamin D3. All (all the "real" studies) have shown the very beneficial effects that it has on human life.
How to take vitamin D3
Allow 25iu (international units) per 1b body weight per individual, i.e:
50 1b=3.5 stones=1,250iu
100 1b=7.1 stones=2,500iu
150 1b=10.5 stones=3,750iu
200 1b=14.3 stones=5,000iu
250 1b=17.8 stones=6,250iu
300 1b=21.4 stones=7,500iu
And so on
Children over the age of 1 year, and less than 4 years of age, should take 2,000iu of D3 per day, depending on body weight, latitude or residence, skin pigmentation and sun exposure
Children over the age of 4, and less than 10 years of age, should take 3,000iu per day, unless they get significant sun exposure. On the days they are outside in the sun, they do not need to take any (providing that their whole body is exposed - this also applies to adults) in the winter they will need to take 3,000iu every day
In the case of Swine Flu, I would strongly suggest that all of the above daily intake of vitamin D3 is the minimum that you should take......Also, like vitamin C, I strongly suggest that you take several doses over the course of the day, for example; if your individual daily maximum dosage is say 5,000iu, then I would suggest taking 5 tablets/capsules etc at different times of the day - morning - noon etc......Yet again, if in any doubt at all, then please do your own research.
NOTE, regarding Vitamin D3 and the Swine Flu 2nd and / or 3rd "wave"
I would strongly suggest that just before the 2nd wave hits your area, (if at all,) that you start taking 5000iu of D3 (or more) each day. Higher doses have been shown to be more effective.
If in any doubt about this, then please research this for yourselves. In my view (and various others) it will take a lot of Vitamin D3 to overdose, and even then, you would have to take it in very large doses over, in many cases, several weeks to have an adverse affect. I will be taking upwards of 5000iu for several days if the Swine Flu 2nd wave comes to my area, and especially in the darker days of Autumn, Winter and early Spring.
But yet again, please...DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH !!!
My Protocols
Vitamin C (see above)
Vitamin D3 (see above)
Sambucol (or Elderberry extract/tincture) -  2 teaspoons 4 times a day (or more if life threatening)
Colloidal Silver - 2 to 3 teaspoons under tongue at least 4 times a day (or more if life threatening)
Citricidal (Grapefruit seed extract) - 4 to 12 drops 3 times a day (or more if life threatening)
Turmeric extract capsules/tablets @ 95% - 4 to 6 times a day (or more if life threatening)
Raw Garlic - several cloves several times a day
Red Onions - several over the course of the day
Omega3 oil - (oils from fatty fish such as Mackeral)
Flaxseeds - ground or crushed and mixed with water or added to oats etc (not in milk!)
Brazil nuts several times a day
A good multivitamin
"Pure Sea Salt" (not Rock salt or table salt) - a "pinch" in a glass of water, several times a day
Lemons, Limes, Pineapple several times a day
(Please see the attachments below for more information on the above and more)
I strongly suggest that you do not eat cheese, butter or drink milk if you contract Swine Flu (or any strain of flu) as these foods will cause a build up of sticky phlegm, and this will greatly hinder your breathing.
I also strongly suggest that you drink only plain water with a pinch of Sea Salt (see above) many times a day......Pure Sea Salt contains some vitamins and many minerals......This will help to keep you keep "topped up" with the healthy and life-enhancing benefits of the minerals that your body needs
Also, I strongly suggest that you eat Seaweed (please do your own research)
Regarding the suggestions in red type as above:...At the very least, I strongly suggest that you take one of these each day......Sambucol......Colloidal Silver......Citricidal.......And most definately, Turmeric @ 95% extract
I have had great success in the treatment of various clients with the first 3 substances above, and the Termeric 95% extract is A MUST!
Once saying that, if you can afford it, I would strongly suggest that you buy a stock of all 3, or at least a bottle of each.
I strongly suggest that, should you use the 3 substances above, then take doses of each at different times of the day, for example: Citricidal at 6am......Sambucol at 7am......Colloidal Silver at 8am and so on
The Turmeric 95% extract / D3 are a must ( see my attachments below) as these two could really save your life!
References and links - as below
For Turmeric 95% Extract (best value I can find)
For Colloidal Silver - Citricidal - - And Sambucol and vitamin D3 (look for their 2000iu)           
For "DANIVAL" Sea Salt (one of the very best)
For Pure Vitamin C Powder (best value I can find)
And, for 100 caplets of vitamin D3 1000IU (also in their shops) 
Re; The above - Body Kind= Free P&P......Just Vitamins= Free P&P for £10 and above
 (updated Wednesday August 12 - as below)
 View all of the direct links and information directly below!
More indepth price information and direct links to substances / webpages as directly below
(First links to the Protek Turmeric - Second links to Vitamin D3) Best value for Protek Turmeric @ 95% is the 240 pack @ £21-48 Best value for Vitamin D3 is the 2000iu pack of 180 soft gel @ £10-95
BodyKind...Citricidal 100ml @ £14-30
Holland and Barrett...Vitamin C Powder 567g @ £14-99...And...Vitamin D3 100 soft gel of 1000iu @ £6-99
Also, for people in the Darlington area (County Durham)
The "Health Warehouse", 15 Post House Wynd, Darlington, Co Durham 01325 468570
sell 100ml of Citricidal for £13-00...And...250ml of Colloidal Silver for £11-75 (very cheap)
See the ATTACHMENT below
"Suggested Adult Daily Supplement Protocol for Influenza"
Also, I make reference to the work of, amongst many others, Dr John Cannell, Dr James Dowd and the Linus Pauling Institute
for their research and work on Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C
Some research links - as below
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I dedicate this page to my wife and children, for without them I would be nothing!
My Warmest Regards to everyone, keep healthy!
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