Page 11 Global Economic Forecast - 2009 and Beyond

Predictions – October 2009 to 2012 and beyond

© Richard Crabtree October 24th 2009


Global Economic Forecast - 2009 and Beyond


Many "expert" financial commentators are expecting or are seeing "green shoots" occurring in the global economy. These experts predict that things will get better, either in the short term - a few months - or over several years. I totally disagree. I expect that sooner rather than later (it could be over the following few months, and most probably within one to two years maximum) the whole financial global structures to collapse and "die". I expect that the World will experience a financial and economic collapse that has never been seen before in history. I expect to experience a global depression to end all depressions. I expect to see the end of the monetary system as we all now know it.





As from Sunday October 25th 2009, various Banks of the eastern European countries will be very badly affected by the so-called "credit crunch" These Banks (and more) include: Ing...Unicredit...Raiffeisen International...Raiffeison Zentralbank Osterreich...Bank Austria...Hyporvereinsbank...Swedbank


Some, but not all, of the worst affected countries - in the near future - will be: Austria...Switzerland...Germany...Italy...Sweden...Belgium...France...Spain...Portugal...Latvia...Hungry...Ukraine

Russia...Greece...Australia...UK......Financial and economic chaos will ensue.





A new "financial stimulus" may be conducted before Christmas 2009 (it could be November or earlier)

This "new stimulus" may work in the very short term, but then it will greatly  exacerbate the situation. Hyperinflation will most probably ensue. Many more jobs will be lost, many more home owners will default on their mortgage repayments, many more businesses will "go to the wall"......This economic and financial chaos will start as from Sunday October 25th 2009 and spiral out of control. The "Death of the Dollar" will be a continuing trend Sustainable living is the only way to survive the
upcoming economic change and food shortages.


 I expect to see the price of oil per barrel to climb to $200 or much more within the next two years, and probably far sooner......Expect to see the likes of Goldman Sachs make huge profits on these rising oil prices. These rising oil prices, will of course, send the cost of our gas and electric prices "sky-high"


General Overview – economic and other events


The so-called "bail outs" will never, ever, work over the medium to long term. The only solution to all of this financial chaos is for the Worlds governments to print their own money and to end the criminal farce of borrowing from the so-called Central Banks, one of which is of course, the good old Bank of England. All of these central banks are ruled and run by the families of the Illuminati, High level Freemasons, Zionists and more of the same. The situation was designed by these people to make them richer than what they already are (I am talking $Trillions here, not mere billions) and also to help to keep them in their positions of power that they so need and desire.


Unfortunately, one of the side effects to all of the madness and chaos that I have written about, is the greatly enhanced prospect of a major (world) war in the not too distant future......Another large war is only one of these factions agendas. At the very least, a major war would be designed to distract attention from the financially "designed "chaos - a war is also another huge opportunity to make "huge bucks" for these "near destitute" madmen (and women)



OCTOBER 25 2009: A big crisis may start. It could be that
Israel bombs Iran, or that Swine Flu goes into a level
of extreme lethality. 10 to 20 days later (Nov 3rd to 13th), in relation to this
crisis, the Obama administration may be thrown into
chaos. If Israel bombs Iran, they'll use a nuclear-
tipped bunker buster that will hit something
unforeseen underground. As a result, a radioactive cloud will form that will pollute and sicken Southeast Asia. This will cause much of the world to turn against Israel.

OCTOBER 25 2009: The "Death of the Dollar" will be a
continuing trend, with a hyper inflationary period and
banking crises/confidence losses that will begin on
October 25 2009. Sustainable living is the only way to survive the
upcoming economic change and food shortages.


October 2009 to October 2010: There will be A HIGH probability of volcanic activity, visible smoke eruption at the very least, and at worst, severe lava eruptions within 310 miles (500 kilometres) of the following places:


Kepulauan Talaud    and   Sumatra    and   Java   and   Papua New Guinea....Indonesia

Kuril Islands 46 degrees latitude and 151 degrees longitude

Andaman Islands 14 deg lat and 33 deg long

Banda Sea 7 lat and 123 long

Kermadec Islands 31 lat and 178 long


Mindanao, Philippines

Celebes Sea 4 lat and 122 long

Vanuatu 13 lat and 166 long

Santa Cruz Islands 11 lat and 166 long

Gulf of California   within 500 miles from 29 lat and 112 long


August 2010: Around August in South America, they'll be large or
mass sightings of UFO-related phenomena.

April 2011: "Global Coastal Phenomena" will be
gradual; the situation could be disturbing for many
people. Unusual movements of the Moon brought on
by anomalies in the magnetosphere could cause
coastal disruptions.


May 2011: The magnetosphere problems could
lead to ultraviolet scorching of food crops. Grain
crops may fail, mainly in the Northern Hemisphere,
leading to food riots in the winter/spring. Specifically,
they'll be riots in Rome that will spill over into the


2011 - Extra-terrestrial “alien” presence and/or
warfare possible.

There will be an untimely demise for millions by 2012, brought upon by some combination of pandemics, economic collapse, breakdown of health care and unknown energies from space. 

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