Flash 8 Games! and movies!

here are also some random crazy ideas i made up when i waz really bored LOL! :l 

here are some flashes that i ave made recently and long time agos....

some are my brothers and some are my friends.

ALERT: you will need flash 8 player to see these!

James: virtualpiano.fla All ages - the title sais it all!

James: hellomoto.fla All ages-phones are sure random

James: pastavspudding.fla 12+-pasta's vs puddings in this all new stupid adventure

James: randomjumping.fla All ages-control a random character

James: boyandhisblob.swf All ages-probably one of the better one of my flashes a parody of the old boy and his blob game on super nintendo

James '0: the most randomist flash you will ever see.swf All ages

James: rollacoastersimulater.swf All ages

Peter: petersswordfightingmovie.swf 12+

Peter: marsthigybypeter.swf All ages-it's about a guy that lands on mars , what could be better..

James '0: randomsonicgordonbrownhitler.swf All ages-some more random cool stuff my my awesome mate!

James: ugortpwn3d.swf 15+-a newly produced flash of mine , still in production so keep checking back to find out what happens next :)



thx for waiting i rans out of ideaz...