The Stein lab has a Youtube channel, where we post short educational videos and videos related to our research. Visit our Youtube channel by clicking here.

The newest video explains the conformational changes of the voltage-gated Sodium channels of neurons during an action potential:

The next video discusses a recent pre-publication by the Stein lab at Illinois State University: Control of sensory ectopic spike initiation by descending modulatory projection neurons. By Städele C & Stein W. (2015). bioRxiv doi:

Signal Integration in Axons

The next upload is a new video that discusses what the Stein lab does and why we do what we do.

Stein lab research explained

We have uploaded a video discussing a recent publication by the Stein lab: Neuromodulation to the Rescue: Compensation of Temperature-Induced Breakdown of Rhythmic Motor Patterns via Extrinsic Neuromodulatory Input. By Städele C, Heigele S & Stein W. (2015). PLoS Biol. 2015 Sep 29;13(9):e1002265.

The video explains motivation, experiments and outcomes of the study:

Temperature effects on the nervous system

We added two education videos about membrane and current equations as well as about Hodgkin-Huxley's description of ionic currents in neurons.

Membrane equation. Part 1

Current equation. Part 2

Below are Youtube videos taken during optical imaging of pacemaker neurons in the stomatogastric ganglion. The first video is an optical recording from several neurons with high speed voltage-sensitive dyes. This allows us to monitor many neurons simultaneously, and it allows us to measure fast membrane potential changes.

Optical imaging with voltage-sensitive dyes

The second video shows an optical recording of a single rhythmically active neuron using a Calcium-sensitive dye. In this case, only the activity of a single neuron is monitored (that of the pacemaker neuron PD). Activity is measured indirectly using the changes in Calcium concentration that occur in response to membrane potential changes in the neuron.

Optical imaging with Calcium-sensitive dyes

Below is a video of the actual experiment of the Calcium imaging. You can see the spontaneous oscillations in the light level due to the changes in Calcium concentration.

Photos from the 2015 Children's Carnival at the Bone Center at Illinois State University

Cricket Malpighian Tubulus, videotaped in the Animal Physiology course at Illinois State University in November 2015. Tubulus were stained with Fluorescein.

The Stein and Rosa Labs at the 2014 Children's Carnival at the Illinois Wesleyan Shirk center

 Scenes from the Stein lab at Illinois State University.

From Stein & Diehl, 2014:

An in vivo assay for monitoring STG activity

From our Animal Physiology course:

Locust flight recording