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41 Estill Hammock Rd.
Tybee Island, Ga
About us: 

Take a leisurely boat ride along the backwaters of Tybee and adjoining islands with U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain    A. P. (Sonny) Solomon.  As a native Tybeenian, Captain Solomon can show you the sites that few tourists see.


Maybe you’d enjoy a short trip across the Back River to uninhabited Little Tybee before dining at a creek side restaurant like the Crab ShackCoco's, or A.J.’s Dockside?  Or, perhaps a slightly longer trip is to your liking that meanders in and among creeks teaming with fiddler crabs, aquatic birds, dolphins and more?  Interested in visiting the Cockspur Island Light, only accessible by boat?  Are you a bird lover? -then, a trip to Bird Island at the mouth of the Savannah River is a must.  Geocachers will enjoy the hunt for a number of caches on uninhabited islands south of Tybee.  When weather and tides cooperate, the truly adventuresome will want to charter a path that includes a short jaunt in the ocean to make a complete circuit around the island.  
Destinations are yours to command as you get a personal look at the island that few will ever see.  Whatever your preferences, time your trip just right and you can enjoy a blazingly beautiful sunset over God’s creation as water gently laps at the boat and life’s cares melt away.

Cockspur Lighthouse at high tide 
Tybee & Savannah River Entrance
(our back yard) 
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About our logo:

Many years ago when CB radios were popular, Captain Solomon’s father used this picture sketched by a local artist, Yon Swanson, to depict his call sign on QSL Cards that he mailed to those he had hailed on the radio with his signature call sign, The Crab.  “The Crab’s gotcha, come back,” were the familiar words that A.P. Solomon III spoke with anyone on the radio whether on the skip to regions beyond our shores or to a shrimp boat operator filling his nets as he pulled off shore.  A.P. Solomon III lived at Tybee during a time when a train, the Marsh Hen, would carry him back and forth to school.  Today the Rails to Trails on McQueen Island is a tribute to that time, much like this logo is to him.
The logo seemed the perfect pick as we operate from our dock on Crab Creek.