Cranky Fitness: Advertising and Sponsorship


Amazon Ads:  Support the Crab and Shop at Cranky Fitness!

On the Main Pages of  Cranky Fitness, you may notice that hostess Crabby McSlacker has become an Amazon Associate.   She hopes these Amazon ads will not frighten you away.  In fact, you can support Crabby's delusional plans for an eventual Health and Fitness World Empire by buying stuff through her website!

What if the particular products on display don't rock your world?  No problem, you can buy other Amazon products through Crabby too.  Even gift certificates, or so she has heard.  Just use the helpful Search Box located at the bottom of the sidebar located in the right hand column.

Sponsorship Opportunities:  Advertise on Cranky Fitness!

Crabby does not yet have a Massive Audience, but she has a growing audience of Smart Readers who are interested in Health.  Who else but Smart Readers would put up with a Crab who writes in the third person?  Cranky Fitness, despite often being silly, addresses scientific subjects that attract Educated Readers.  When Crabby peeks in at Stat Counter, she frequently sees .edu at the end of peoples URL's--what better proof do you need?

Furthermore, as a new blog, Cranky Fitness is Cheap!  Your sponsorship dollar will go far.  If you have a sensible product of the sort of  Cranky Fitness Readers might enjoy, just email Crabby and she will entertain your ideas for sponsorship. However, if you have some Useless Diet Gimmick or other Weird Unappealing product Crabby will be less than enthusiastic.