About Cranky Fitness 


You've reached the "annex" of Cranky Fitness--more like the basement, really.  Here you will find a jumble of information about the site that was getting too big for the sidebar.

Notice how it's much uglier over here?  Crabby wouldn't be here if she knew how to create "static pages" at Cranky Fitness.  But she doesn't, so here we are!


Who is Crabby McSlacker?

Crabby is not any sort of expert in health and fitness but she's full of advice and opinions.  She has advanced degrees and professional licenses (in fields entirely unrelated to exercise and nutrition) but she avoids actual work whenever possible.

So please do not rely on Crabby's advice about anything and then threaten litigation if it doesn't work out.  You will (a) look silly trying to sue a Crab and (b) lose, because Crabby is hereby telling you not to rely on her opinion for anything but amusement.

Crabby fancies herself a writer and is hoping to complement her blog with a Self-Help book of some kind.  Perhaps a whole series of Self-Help Books.  She has grandiose plans of a whole Crabby McSlacker Health and Fitness Empire.  Her eventual goal:  World Domination! 


Contact the Crab:

You can email Crabby at CrabbyMcSlacker @ gmail.com (but skip the spaces). 


Commenting on Posts at Cranky Fitness:

Crabby loves it when readers venture to the bottom of the regular posts and click on the Comments.  (The link may say something like '0 Comments' or '3 Comments.'  Once you arrive, you will find Comments that other readers have made, and you will be given the opportunity to submit your own.  Please do!  A box is provided to type in your thoughts, and then you choose your "identity." You don't need to be signed up anywhere; you can just post anonymously. But it's awfully nice if you want to leave some sort of name in your post so Crabby can address you specifically if she comes back to Comment on your Comment.  Once you've finished making your comment, you can hit Preview to see what it will look like.  Then you can either fool around with it a little more until you like it better, or just hit Publish.

Sometimes comments are "moderated" and your post may not appear until Crabby gets the chance to review it.  Other times, it goes straight on there.

Crabby reserves the right to delete comments she does not like.  She rarely does this, but just so you know--there is no actual Constitutional right to express your opinions on someone else's blog.  There is a whole post about this issue here.


Advertising/Amazon Shopping

Crabby hopes you will do your shopping at Cranky Fitness!  You can get all kinds of Really Useful Stuff through Amazon--just check the ads or the Search Box located on the sidebar back at the main site.  Or, if you are a person/company with Cool Products to sell, find out about advertising on Cranky Fitness!  To learn more, please go here

More to Come!

This page is still under construction.  Who knows what else may end up here?  Crabby will try to let you know at the main blog if there are any major updates.