Remove RootFS Verification & make Read/Write

Go into shell and run the following:
  • sudo su -
  • cd /usr/share/vboot/bin/
  • ./ --remove_rootfs_verification --partitions 4
  • reboot

Upon reboot go back into shell

  • sudo su -
  • mount -o remount,rw /
  • mount -o remount,exec /mnt/stateful_partition

You will also need to re-run these commands after every reboot, so you may want to stick them in a shell script. You can do this using Nano text editor. Here's how:
  • Install Nano
  • nano /sbin/rw
  • Copy (Ctrl+c) and paste into Nano. To paste in the shell hard press 3 fingers on touchpad

echo "Making FS Read/Write"
sudo mount -o remount,rw /
sudo mount -o remount,exec /mnt/stateful_partition
sudo mount -i -o remount,exec /home/chronos/user
echo "You should now have full Read/Write access"


  • To save and exit hit
  • Ctrl+x
  • y (for yes to save) then enter
  • sudo chmod a+x /sbin/rw

Now every time you reboot and Read/Write access to the FS you can simply go to shell and run:
  • sudo rw
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