CQ Awards Program

Welcome to the CQ WPX Awards Program.  The WPX Awards are sponsored by CQ Magazine.

The CQ WPX Award recognizes the accomplishments of confirmed QSOs with the many prefixes used by amateurs throughout the world. Separate, distinctively marked certificates are available for SSB, CW, Digital (RTTY/PSK, FT8, FT4 and most other recognized digital modes) and Mixed (CW, SSB/Phone, Digital). 
E-mail applications are encouraged.  Paper applications are still accepted (please print legibly so I can read it).  You may use the excel application or send a plain ASCII file with a listing of your calls.  No special formatting is required.  

LOTW:   LoTW is now on-line for WPX.  You can find your WPX totals for all of the possible WPX Awards and endorsements at the bottom of your LOTW AWARDS page.  If you don't think that the totals shown are correct, send me an email or click on on the Link Accounts button on your LoTW page and I can manually insert an account update into the system.  If this is your first LoTW application, an account update should be done.  
Follow the instructions to select the awards or endorsements that you wish to apply for.  You will pay the LoTW credit fees to ARRL when you complete your application.  The CQ award fees are separate and are to be paid when I finish processing the files that LOTW provides.  LoTW will not let you apply for an award or endorsements if you do not have enough credits.  LoTW will send me a notification email once you have completed the LoTW application and have paid the necessary fees for the LoTW credits.  All applications claiming credit for LoTW prefixes must be submitted via the LOTW system.  NOTE:  If you already have credit for the band or continent endorsements, it is not necessary to apply for those again.  You may uncheck any endorsements that you already have credit for or do not want. 
Here are the LoTW instructions from ARRL https://lotw.arrl.org/lotw-help/wpx-award-credit/     There are additional instructions in the files section of the CQ WPX AWARDS page.
You will not need to send me any additional paperwork.  You may pay the CQ award fees via PayPal (you may use your credit card with PayPal) or with a check made out to Steve Bolia, or cash (US $).  If you have an existing WPX Award account and it is in electronic format (not paper), I can upload those credits to the LoTW system and you will receive credit for the prefixes you already have.  Send me an email and I will do the update as soon as possible.

eQSL.cc also supports the CQ WPX Awards program.  You may use your eQSL confirmations to apply for and to endorse all WPX Awards as well as most other CQ Awards.  Go to the My Awards section of eQSL and go to the CQ Awards section.  Select My Credits - it will generate a list of all your prefixes.  eQSL does not compute continents.  Go to the bottom of the page and select SUBMIT TO CQ.  This will generate a spreadsheet that I can download directly from eQSL.  Once you have done that,  please send email me to tell me that you have QSL's to retrieve or write it on your paper application.  If you use email, please fill out the first page of the excel application which tells me what award you are applying for or what endorsement you are submitting.  You may pay with cash, a check made out to Steve Bolia, or via PayPal (I will send you a payment request when your application has been processed).
WPX Certificates   -  Certificate turnaround is now approx. 4 -5  months from when you complete your application.  

 Current WPX Rules Feb 2017

 Honor Roll Listings:  Updated 7-13-21

Award of Excellence Holders and endorsement bar holders updated:  10/7/19

Prefix clarification:  Special prefixes such as R14CWC/0 or /3 will count as R14. The /0 or 3 is not the authorized prefix.  These are normally island identfiers.   W100AW/0 - 9 will count as W100.  Combination of the call area portable number and the prefix would create a prefix that is not authorized.  For calls with 2 different numbers such as VI2AJ2010, the prefix is VI2.  

AM70 Prefixes:  AM70 is the special prefix.  AM70x/8 or /6 or other variations will count as AM70. 
SZ3PMBG19 - The prefix is SZ3.  

D075GR is an unauthorized prefix and will not count for WPX awards.  

Y8 prefixes and WPX Honor Roll:  Based on the use of this block of callsigns for the 2018 WRTC,  Y8 prefixes will be changed from Deleted status to Active status.  Any Y8 deleted calls will be changed to current on your next Honor Roll update.  
Endorsement stickers:  When you apply for an award or an endorsement, I normally send the highest value prefix sticker.  If you want all of the endorsement stickers, please let me know and I can send those.  They will be $1.00 each.  

The program is administered by Steve Bolia, N8BJQ