Why Use a Chartered Quantity Surveyor?


‘Chartered’ is the mark that shows a surveyor has achieved the ‘gold standard’ of professional competence. A Chartered Quantity Surveyor has been assessed by a peer group of experienced professionals and judged to have the blend of technical and commercial skills and experience required to operate at the highest level in today’s property and construction markets.


Chartered Quantity Surveyors add value to the development equation through their unique blend of construction knowledge, advice on strategic and detailed cost planning and procurement of construction services. The peace of mind that this gives to clients cannot be underestimated.

The benefits of using a Chartered Quantity Surveyor are numerous but typically include the following:

  • Added value design solutions that optimise cost and procurement opportunities.
  • Increased certainty that building will be completed on time and within budget.
  • Increased confidence that the surveyor has acquired the skills and expertise required to deliver the service required.
  • Confidence that the surveyor has adequate professional indemnity insurance.
  • Access to an independent complaints handling procedure.