CQ4M Generator

Calculated Question for Moodle Generator

Moodle understands about 42 mathematical functions ranging from “+” to “tanh” and at one point we managed to get a 1171 characters long formula with nine variables working. Now imagine that you have access to all mathematical functions, at least to all those you can build in a spreadsheet. And with that the power to quickly build vast and rich question banks.

This site describes the use of a spreadsheet to generate Calculated Questions using all mathematical functions, a tool that empowers teachers to quickly design large question banks with calculated questions.

About the "Hide & Camouflage"
The obfuscation of the right answer is completely unnecessary.
All steps in connection with hiding the right answers can be skipped.

The spreadsheet in itself remains useful.

(Thanks to Tim and Pierre, critical reviewers of posts on the Quiz forum on moodle.org)