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Basin stories

Here we provide data and simulation supported narratives around the benefit sharing issues within the basins.  For each basin we describe the key benefit sharing issues and continue with the description of a baseline simulation results from WEAP, the CompAndes NSS and their interaction followed by a relevant alternative simulation representing the potential impact of implementing strategies for BSM in a changing environment.

  • What has facilitated women’s impact and participation in Coello, Tolima (Colombia)?  
  • Empowering for change and action: increasing capacity in the voiceless
  • Science accompanying local information and knowledge needs
  • Building up capacities on BSM design and implementation inside Latin American academic institutions and students
  • Towards concrete actions for water for All in La Paz-El Alto
  • Integration of tools to support CAC

Stories are available from the links below for the following basins:
El Quijos, Ecuador
Cañete, Perú
Paute, Ecuador
Alto La Paz, Bolivia