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Vulval Pain Support Group


About the group



We offer support to women who suffer with vulval conditions such as vulvodynia, vestibulodynia (vestibulitis), vaginismus, lichen sclerosus, interstitial cystitis, and vulval eczema. The group is active in Yorkshire and the North West. To join the group please email

We feel it is extremely important to be able to get together and share our experiences and information on the conditions from which we suffer. Support group meetings are held every few of months in different locations. We ask for a small donation to cover costs, this is not compulsory. Apologies but support group meetings are not open to male partners or male supporters however, you are welcome to bring female relatives and friends. There are workshop events that men can attend when we have a guest speaker.

Where do we meet

At the moment meetings are only held in Leeds and Manchester. The 2007 meeting location survey results have been reviewed. The winner with 53% of our members saying they would attend a meeting in that location was Leeds.

When do we meet

We do not, at present,  have any meetings arranged for the near future but once the group is up and running we will advertise the meetings both on the website and members will be emailed with the information. There will, of course, be some discussion beforehand between the members of the group as to where they would prefer the meetings to be held.  

To be kept informed of the details of any upcoming meetings, email if you are not already a member.


Start your own group

Want more regular meetings in your area! Then get involved and start your own local group. The Cross Pennines Vulval Pain Support Group will support any women wishing to start their own group whether it is in our area or provide remote support via the internet for anyone outside. Creating your own website and setting up an email is free and takes a couple of hour's tops. Once you have enough interest in your area you can start arranging meetings. It really is that simple so give it a try.

Useful Links

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London Vulval Pain Support Group documents:

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Door to door journey planning can be found here:

Use this tool to find driving directions from your home to support group meetings. You can input a postcode, road name, or place.

To find public transport routes and information please visit Transport Direct