Productive Photography!

10:15am - 12:30pm
April 29, 2010

It's great to have a digital camera, but in 2010 it's not about taking pictures, it's about sharing and creating products from the pictures you took! In this workshop we'll look at a variety of online tools for storing & sharing your images, powerful slideshow-movie tools, and custom printed products you can download or order for your classroom. We are living in the midst of a photography Renaissance, take advantage of the free & low cost tools available to you!

Today's format: We have 4 topics as shown below. We'll spend 30 minutes on each one; 5 minute for an intro, 20 minutes to explore, 5 minutes for participants to share any new or useful observations before moving onto the next topic.

  • DOWNLOAD: Sample images you can use in today's workshop.
    I snapped these pics around my house for use today. They are licensed Creative Commons.

  • TOPIC 1: Online Photo Storage & Sharing
  • TOPIC 2: Editing & Effects

  • TOPIC 3: Presentation & Video
  • TOPIC 4: Printed Products

  • This workshop picks you up after you have taken some photos and need to work with them. To begin at the beginning, visit this Digital Photography Basics course at LPS. Feel free to re-use these materials in your schools/districts if you find them useful.



CONTACT: Chris Pultz