Thank you for agreeing to present a session(s) at the Leadership Technology Summit!  Your contribution will make this day a success for our attendees!  Here is further information about the event:

  • We would like to link to your presentation and any support materials from our website.  Click here to submit your presentation information. Presenters should only provide links to materials they have created and clearly cite the work of others.
  • Click here to access the program to see when your session(s) will occur and the room number.  We are not able to alter this information, as the program has gone to print.
  • As part of your proposal, you agreed to bring your own laptop.  Please bring your presentation your fully-charged laptop, with a dongle - if a Mac. Test your laptop in advance to make sure you know how to log into the device.  We will have the network wireless passkey available on-site that day.  It is also recommended that you back-up your presentation to a flash drive, in case of emergency.  Most rooms will have a presentation area with a connection cable.  A volunteer will be assigned to your room to help you.  
  • On the day of the event, it is recommended that you arrive before 8am in order to enjoy breakfast, meet with other attendees, and view the keynote and opening presentations. However, if that is not practical, please arrive at least one hour before your scheduled time to present.  Check in at registration table at the southwest corner of the north building at Door 3.  Proceed upstairs to the second floor to eat, view the vendor fair, and locate your room and the Presenter's room
  • Check back prior to the event for parking information.
  • Contact Lisa Perez prior to the event with questions and concerns.
  • On the day of the event, you can visit the Presenter's Room 212 at to relax, connect to other presenters, or contact our staff volunteers.  For technical issues, visit Room 230, our technical command center.