CS/IT Major Advising Website

For Spring 2018  - ALL MAJORS Advising session -- not yet scheduled.
                        Come hear about Fall 2017 courses, 4-year plans, and advice from upper-class students.

--> A 2.5 GPA is required for admission to CS/IT majors and for graduation.  
     GPA checking is used on some courses. 
     All major required courses must be completed with a 'C' or better. 
     Pre-requisites must be successfully completed before advancing in the curriculum.

     We are happy to work with you to identify your successful path at Kean.
04/12/17:  Code Samurai Calendar now on the website:  http://yoda.kean.edu/samurai/ 

                If you need peer mentoring or tutoring, check the online calendar!. 

03/16/17 Math 3700-01 Big Data Computing will be offered Fall 2017. This course could be used as a
             Math/Science course for CS majors, or as a Free Elective for IT majors. 
             Pre-req: Math 2415 Calculus I or permission of instructor.
03/17/17 More free electives 3000/4000 level: 
             CJ 3710 Cyber Policy -- no prerequisites listed
             CJ 3720 Cyber Crime -- no prerequisites listed
All CS and IT Majors must:

1. Have their advising hold removed by their faculty adviser (listed in their KeanWise record).

2. Receive petitions for any CPS or TECH courses they would like to register for. 

Your faculty adviser is listed in your KeanWise record.

Either visit your adviser in person, or work with your adviser via email to get registered!

BE PREPARED when you visit your adviser--
A. Bring your study plan
B. Know your student ID number.
B. Know what you are taking NOW.
C. Be prepared to request Fall 2017 classes you'd like to take. 

Fall 2017 Major Electives listed in table below.

HackKean is April 1-2, 2017 -- sign up to attend!

Summer 2017 recommended courses include 
Math 2110 Discrete Structures and
Math 2526 Applied Statistics
See how Summer 2017 courses can accelerate your graduation plans.  Work with your Faculty advisor to see if summer courses -- GE, Free electives, etc. -- would be good for you!

Here is a study plan:

  Here is a link to a study plan template for your use.