NEW::As of September 14, 2012, all   CPS High School students who are actively enrolled in a CPS high school are eligible to take a free online course for credit recovery, general education or advanced placement during the CPS strike.  Students will be expected to work independently. 

 Students should be strong readers and able to work independently.


Online courses are courses offered to students via the internet.  All of the course materials, including textbooks, reading materials, assignments, quizzes and tests, are online. Students work independently on the computer to complete their assignments, tests and quizzes.  Students who attend CPS Safe Sites (ON-SITE) may take online courses for enrichment (not for credit)  in college and career planning, writing & reading comprehension.  Students who work OFF-SITE (home, libraries, technology centers, etc.) may take credit recovery, elective courses or advanced placement courses for credit upon completion of their courses. Click here for a list of courses offered.


During the strike period, students can take a for-credit course off-site. However, when the strike completes, students may complete coursework at school and home. Students may also choose to drop the course at the conclusion of the strike without the course showing up on their record.


All CPS Safe Sites high school campuses with computer labs, laptop carts or technology labs may offer online courses for non-credit.  Students may also work from home, libraries, after school programs or community technology labs for credit.


CPS provided online courses to high school Seniors but has currently (as of September 14, 2012) opened online courses to all high school students. Online courses are becoming more popular in higher education and in today's diverse job market. Online courses also expose students to academic material for enrichment and course credit in a flexible environment. Courses are web based allowing students to access content at their own pace. While the courses are completed completely online (all textbooks, assignments, quizzes and grading are done online), students will be exposed to a new way to work toward their education that they may choose to continue these courses, even when school is back in session.


Students, parents, guardians and CPS Safe Sites staff may sign up high school students  for online courses by visiting This registration application will be reviewed to ensure student's  active status and course placement eligibility.  After review, CPS students will be assigned to their courses and emailed additional
information along with their usernames and passwords within 1-2 days of sign-up. For more information, email