Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online course?
Online courses are courses offered to students via the internet.  All of the course materials including textbooks, reading materials, assignments, quizzes and tests are online. Students work independently on the computer to complete their assignments, tests and quizzes.

How many online courses may students take?
CPS High School students will be allowed to access one online course.

Are online courses only for Seniors?
NO.  As of September 14, 2012, all actively enrolled CPS high school students may take credit recovery, general education or advanced placement online courses.    Please review and complete the application at for additional information.

How much does the online course cost?
CPS is offering online courses to CPS High School students at no cost to students or parents. 

How does a student access an online course?
Online courses are web based.  Therefore, we are able to accommodate students who are able to work in local libraries, computer labs or from home based computers with internet access.  To get started, students, parents/guardians or safe site staff should register using the form at Upon acceptance of the online registration, a link will be sent to students with a username, password and instructions on accessing their course via email.

Can students receive course credit for these online courses?
Students who work off site (home, library, computer lab) may be eligible to earn credit for their online courses.   Students who are at CPS Safe Sites can also access online courses but course credit will not be available during the work stoppage (per State law).  Students must complete their entire online course to be eligible to receive course credit.  

When should students work on online courses?
Students are encouraged to work on their courses daily during the strike.  Once school begins, students may elect to keep and complete their courses.   If the course is dropped,  credit will not be earned. 

Who will grade the student’s assignments?
Online courses taken for course credit are facilitated by Illinois Certified teachers who work solely online. These teachers are hired by course vendors to facilitate course progress and grade written assignments. The online teachers  are accessible by email, telephone and live chat sessions.  Online courses that are not taken for credit have assignments, quizzes and unit exams which are graded automatically by the computer within the course.

What should we do to obtain course credit for completed courses?
Students who complete their online courses should ask their school counselor to assist with transferring course credit to their transcripts.  School counselors or programmers who need assistance with credit transfers may contact the CPS Virtual Learning Program for information,

What happens if we register and do not receive an email with the login information?
We will email all registrants using the email address on the online registration form. If you have not received an email in 2-3 days, you may have entered your email address incorrectly.  Staff at all CPS Safe Sites will have a roster of registered students username and login accounts.  If you are not attending a safe site, please call 773-553-1000 or email for help with username and password information.