Welcome to the home of the REVITAL Program! Fifteen elementary and five high schools are participating in this technology program during 2013-15.  The purpose of the program is to foster leadership in the use of mobile device in the library to support these schools and to serve as a model of all school librarians.

Goal #1: Build librarian competence in using mobile technologies
Goal #2: Build strong connections between technology and standards-based instruction
Goal #3: Create shifts in learning which make students the creators of content
Goal #4: Support principals to provide quality leadership in technology integration
Goal #5: Provide digital artifacts that can be used to support implementation in any school

Program Overview
The first year of this program focuses on the use of iPads.  In the second year, the emphasis is on the use of Chromebooks.  Participating schools will proceed through six learning modules of approximately three months each:


Program Deliverables
During each module, participants will share lesson plans, student digital artifacts, videos, blog posts, and recommendations.  They are also required to attend face-to-face and online meetings and to share their experiences in an email discussion group.

This program is funded through a generous grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

REVITAL Librarians

Corkery - Amy (Stipp) Chiu, Librarian
Franklin - Viviane Kraus, Librarian
Galileo - Connie Amon, Librarian
Goethe - Jeanette Simenson & Marcia Mariscal, Librarians
Hernandez Middle - Janice Wellborn, Librarian
Hitch - Eric Currie, Librarian
Nightingale - Erin McDonald, Librarian
Pasteur - Peggy Rux, Librarian
Pickard - Juan Fernandez-Saines, Librarian
Pirie - Stacie Bell, Librarian
Sabin - Meghan Gabler
Taylor - Rosalie Buenrostro, Librarian
Smyser - Emily Oddo, Librarian
Volta - Caryn Mikkelsen, Librarian
Zapata - Katherine Hlousek, Librarian

High School:
Brooks - Regina Berg, Librarian
Lincoln Park - Lindsey Mangurten, Librarian
Phillips - KC Boyd, Librarian
Washington - Nicole Guevara, Librarian
Westinghouse - Jean Scheda, Librarian

Digital Badging

Librarians who successfully participate in the REVITAL grant are conferred a digital badge that they can include in their personal and professional websites, blogs, wikis, and email signatures.  This badge indicates to their principals, colleagues, and other professionals in the field that they possess mastery of the use of these mobile devices and associated applications to support teaching and learning in the library. View this website and the REVITAL grant blog to learn more about their specific accomplishments.