Maximum Points: 2,400 

Summary:  Most people know that PowerPoint can be used to make slideshows, but it is also a common tool, installed on most CPS computers, that can be used to make eBooks in PDF format.  This approach is a simple, accessible entry into a variety of other eBook creation tools that can be used in subsequent learning experiences.

Alignment to CCSS: College and Career Readiness RLA Anchor Standards: R7, W1-10, SL2, SL5, L1-6

REACH Alignment: Domains 1 and 3

Supports for a Personalized Library: This use of PowerPoint is an easy way to introduce another platform technology for student writing.  Since students create the eBooks according to their own skills levels, the library program is personalized to meet each students' unique needs.  As students progress academically, they can create new eBooks with more complex text, appropriately challenging content, and more sophisticated techniques.  With a relatively shallow learning curve, students at various levels will be creating their own eBooks in no time.  eBook creation is an excellent container technology to demonstrate research, non-fiction writing, and creative fiction works.  Learning, combined with student creativity, supports a strong individualized approach that targets a large number of standards simultaneously.  Students will be enthused to share their eBooks with classmates and the librarian may want to use these eBooks to extend the school's library with student-created works.  Download a sample eBook.

Screencast: Click here to watch the training video.

Activity in CPS University for CPDU Credit: Regular CPS teachers should enroll in CPS University to attain CPDU credit for completing this course. Charter school librarians should click here to request your CPDU credit after completing your challenge activity quiz. One (1) CPDU credit will be available for those who complete the module quiz with 70% or better.  Event will be available in CPSU on Oct 30, 2012.

Challenge Activity:  After viewing the screencast and practicing the skills, click here to take your module quiz, if not participating in the CPS University module. 

Support PDF:  Click here if you would like to learn these skills from a handout instead.
Bonus Challenge: Are you ready to take PowerPoint eBooks to the next level?  It's not part of the game, but try these methods to offer new challenges for your students to make talking eBooks in PowerPoint.

Other technologies for creating eBooks: PowerPoint is an easy technology to use to start making eBooks.  Click here to see some other technologies that you may want to also introduce in your classroom.

Participate in the CPS Dept of Libraries "You & MeBook Writing Contest" through March 4, 2013