- "Personalized Libraries to Uplift Students" - program supports our librarians to develop the knowledge and skills they need to deliver a strongly personalized library program.  Libraries have always been central to the idea of working with students as individuals.  A growing body of research indicates that students learn better and more deeply when their education is personalized to meet their distinct needs.  School libraries are uniquely positioned to play an integral role in that process.

What is personalized learning?  Personalized learning is characterized as student-centered, highly motivational, self-paced, continuously assessed, and competency-based. The ultimate goal of personalized learning is to support every student to graduate from high schools with the necessary skills to succeed in higher education, the work place, and in life skills.

How does technology play a role in personalized learning?  Recent technology developments in the areas of digital resources, creation tools, and assessment tools allow educators to deliver highly customized, personalized learning experiences to student.  However, technology layered on top of previously unsuccessful, full-class instructional strategies will not deliver improvement.  Technology coupled with personalized learning opportunities is much more likely to prove successful because students are engaged and learning at an appropriate pace.  Students who require additional instruction in a particular area can receive it while students who are ready to move to the next skill can do so.  Learning opportunities can be tailored to the preferred learning style and needs of individual students.  In blended learning options, teachers work closely with students to make sure they are on target, challenged, and engaged.  
How can school libraries play a role in personalized learning?  School libraries should be an important hub of activity in personalized learning and instruction. As schools move toward systemic personalization strategies, libraries are a vital part of the solution. Personalized libraries provide:
  • strong alignment to Common Core State Standards and school/district learning priorities
  • a menu of challenging learning options for students, including print and digital choices
  • robust blended learning opportunities that ensure effective personalization
  • a method of tracking student progress and customizing learning experiences accordingly
  • intelligent integration of technology to provide students with a wide variety of learning and assessment options
  • collaboration with classroom and other teachers to ensure instructional fidelity

How can I learn more about personalized learning?  Check out links in this Diigo list.  List links will change as information is added.