is a technology training program created by the CPS Department of Libraries to deliver online professional development to librarians and teachers.  Training modules target specific technologies that support librarians to provide personalized instruction and learning opportunities for their students.  Librarians play an important role in the school in offering personalized instruction, as they work with all students across grade levels and subject areas.  [All CPS teachers are invited to participate in this training.  You can earn CPDU credit through CPS University and up to 200 schools can win access to the myON eBook Library for their schools.]
The program includes strands of professional development on Google Apps, mobile devices, Web 2.0 tools, social media, and professional learning.  PLUS Tech is available to all CPS librarians and teachers.  Gaming elements offer an optional layer of fun and motivation. All CPS teachers are welcome to use our materials for personal professional development, but do not participate in the gaming aspect.
CPS librarians can study training modules, complete quizzes, and earn points as part of the PLUS Tech game.  The first round of this game extends from October 1, 2012 through February 1, 2013.  
How to play:  Click on the "Achievement Modules 2012" tab.  Select the module that interests you among modules that are currently live.  Watch the training video, read the supporting documentation, and take the module quiz.  Check your email daily to see your score. Scores will usually be emailed within 24 hours. You may re-take the quiz up to three times; the highest score is considered the final score.  Note:  Librarians are responsible for tracking their own total scores. In the case of a total score tie, the final submission with the earliest time stamp wins.  The records of the Department of Libraries are considered final.
Who can play?: The PLUS Tech hardware game component is available to all CPS endorsed or short-term authorized librarians (.5 or FT) for credit. All CPS librarians can also access the game through CPS University to earn additional CPDU credit. Other CPS teachers can complete the modules for CPDU credit, but do not participate in the hardware portion of the game.   One CPDU credit will be awarded per module.  CPS non-librarian teachers: SIGN UP to receive periodic updates about the PLUS Tech program.
Do you want a Study Buddy?:  The Study Buddy program is now active and all requests have been assigned.
  • The first 200 CPS librarians and teachers who complete at least four modules will receive a one-year subscription to the Capstone myON set of eBooks.  The subscription will begin at the conclusion of the game in Feb, 2013. The value of this award is $5,500 for elementary schools and $6,100 for high schools (includes a $600 add-on on HS-level Saddleback books). myOn will have almost 4,000 books by the end of this school year. Training information on how your school can use myOn will be available after the game.
  • The Top 25 "PLUS Tech" CPS librarians will select from the following prizes for their libraries, or mix and match, according to their final point value:
    • 0 - 3,999 points = ineligible
    • 4,000 - 7,999 points = Simple Nook tablet 
    • 8,000 - 11,999 points = Document camera
    • 12,000 - 15,999 points = Multi-media projector
    • 16,000 - 20,000 points = iPad 2
  • In the event of a tie for the top 25 spots, winners will be awarded according to the earliest entries as timestamped on the final module submission form.
  • Awards will be selected by winners at the conclusion of the game on Feb 1, 2013.  If a winner obtains a total of 17,400 points, for example, s/he can select to win one iPad2 (16,000 pts) or four Nooks (16,000 pts) or one document camera and two Nooks (16,000 pts) or one projector and one Nook (16,000).  Fractions of total points that are unused are discarded.  The Dept of Libraries will select the most affordable model of these devices available at the conclusion of the game.  There will be no prize substitutions.
Digital badging:  Librarians and teachers can play TECH Plus to earn digital badges that they can add to their websites, wikis, blogs, or online resumes and portfolios. Digital badges are attracting more attention as a viable method of documenting learning outside of traditional, credited institutions.  They also provide an immediate, visible documentation of continued learning.  [Note: Badge awards do not guarantee "Top 25" prize awards.]
For PLUS Tech, the following badges can be earned:


You've added some important tools to your teacher toolbelt. You're on your way to personalizing your library program!  
 2 Leveler

You've leveled the playing field for your students by personalizing their learning experiences!  Students have the opportunity to learn according to their unique needs and interests!  


You've really upgraded your skills to add many new tools and strategies to your teaching strategies. You're providing many additional personalized learning opportunities for your students!  
 4 Surpasser 

Congratulations!  You've reached the pinacle of achievement! Your students are experiencing a more personalized learning experience in the library due to your ability to tap into a variety of tools and methods.  

Notification to principals: Game winners will be recognized on this site's leaderboard, badge holder page and, at the game completion, their principals will be notified by the Department of Libraries of the accomplishment. Watch for additional recognition via social media outlets, too!
Contact Lisa Perez (leperez1@cps.edu), CPS Network Library Coordinator, with questions and concerns.


These are the winners of our PLUS Tech hardware items.  Congratulations!
 NAME         SCHOOL
 Connie Amon Galileo ES 
Jolanta Banaszak  Bridge ES 
 Deborah Barnes  Whitney Young HS
 Sabrina Boyd Fenger HS 
Ava Britten  Whitney Young HS 
Dorothy Clabaugh  Graham ES 
Mary Beth Corbin      Byrne ES
 Xinjie Ding   Prussing ES 
Katharine Fitzpatrick   Disney ES 
 Peter Gayford   Near North ES 
 Nicole Guevara Kohn ES 
Colleen Herman   Cooper ES
Katherine Hlousek  Zapata ES 
Heidi Keller   Haines ES
Troy Love  Bogan HS  
Annie Magness Pulaski ES
Erin McDonald  Nightingale ES
Tricia McGann   Sheridan ES
Elaine Mernick  Clinton ES 
Lilija Mikaitis  Robeson HS 
Caryn Mikkelsen   Volta ES
Diane Papageorge Marsh ES 
 Gundry Rowe      Disney I ES
Kathy Ruszel O.A. Thorpe 
Sheri Snopek  Columbus ES 
 Lindsay Weisse  Mayer ES
Janice Wellborn   Hernandez MS

* Due to additional available funding, the Dept of Libraries was able to fund the first 27 winners.