Google Forms Level 1: An Introduction to Support Instruction & Professional Practices

Maximum Points: 2,600
Summary:   Google Forms is a tool within the Google Docs suite.  It allows users to create online forms, using a variety of question formats, to gather information from participants.  This data is loaded into an online spreadsheet which can be analyzed further.  For teachers and librarians, it is a great tool to use for formative and summative assessments and to gather mathematical and scientific data, survey feedback, opinion polls, suggestion box information, and requests.
Alignment to CCSS: College and Career Readiness RLA Anchor and Standards/Literacy in History/Social Science, Science, and Technical Subjects: R7, W6, W8, SL2, SL5
REACH Alignment:  Domains 1, 2, 3, and 4
Supports for a Personalized Library: Google Forms are powerful tools with widespread application.  Librarians can quickly create a form to assess students’ prior knowledge, as an online exit ticket, or for more formal assessment.  They can create collaboration request forms to plan for co-teaching and use forms to manage space and equipment reservations.  A form can be used as an online suggestion box to gather requests for books by a specific author or genre.  Forms can also be used to survey students, faculty, parents, or committee members to collect relevant data.
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