Google Drawing: A Powerful Tool for Conceptualization

Maximum Points: 2,400

Summary: Google Drawing is a part of the Google Drive suite of tools.  It allows users to create and share customized drawings using various tools.

Alignment to CCSS: College and Career Readiness RLA Anchor and Standards/Literacy in History/Social Science, Science, and Technical Subjects: R7, W6, W8, SL4, SL5.

REACH Alignment: Domains 1, 3, and 4

Supports for a Personalized Library: Google Drawing is a powerful tool that allows teachers to provide a menu of learning and assessment options for students.  It can be used to enhance photos and to create floorplans, diagrams, infographics, digital posters, story maps, concept maps, web artifacts, and more.  Students learn more deeply when they conceptualize content through drawing. For teachers, it can be used to enhance websites, create informational posters, and to capture committee planning. 

Activity in CPS University for CPDU Credit: Regular CPS teachers should enroll in CPS University to attain CPDU credit for completing this course. (Available after 10/16) Charter school librarians should click here to request your CPDU credit after completing your challenge activity quiz. One (1) CPDU credit will be available for those who complete the module quiz with 70% or better.

Screencast:  Click here to watch the training video.

Challenge Activity: After viewing the screencast and practicing the skills, click here to take your module quiz.

Support PDF:  Click here if you would like to learn these skills from a handout instead.

Bonus Challenge: Although it is not part of the game, create a floor plan of your library to detail the various collections and other important sections.