Professional development doesn't have to be boring!  Use these online training modules to learn about technologies that will engage your students and allow you to personalize your library program while addressing a wide range of Common Core State Standards.  The 2012 PLUS Tech professional development game runs from October 1, 2012 through February 1, 2013.  Get started today!  Start your quest to new knowledge!
* Our CPS teacher colleagues are also welcome to use the modules to learn about these technologies.  However, we are only able to extend the game component to certified CPS librarians.    
Achievement Modules Description      Max Points

Brain Pop's GameUp

NOW LIVE! Brain Pop is a website that offers educational games in English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health, Arts & Music, Engineering & Technology, ESL, and a K-3 focus. 

1,600 pts


NOW LIVE! Diigo is a social bookmarking site that allows teachers and students to save and share the bookmarks they encounter during the research process.  Bookmarks can also be use to document sources for bibliographic citations. 


1,800 pt

Google Drawing 

NOW LIVE! Google Drawing is a part of the Google Apps suite of tools provided by CPS.  Drawing can be used to support creation of floorplans, maps, diagrams, digital posters, and artwork.


2,400 pts

Google Forms 1

NOW LIVE! Google Forms is a part of the Google Apps suite of tools provided by CPS. Forms can be used to support educational activities that involve data gathering, surveys, and assessments.


2,600 pts

Google Forms 2 

NOW LIVE! Advanced skills related to Google Forms include the ability to create longer forms, share data results, and customize forms.

2,600 pts

Gooru Web Portal

NOW LIVE! Gooru is a search engine for learning.  Teachers and students can access a wide range of multimedia resoruces, digital textbooks, videos, games, and quizzes. 


1,800 pts

National Archives "Digital Vaults"

NOW LIVE! The National Archives "Digital Vaults" provides access to hundreds of historical photographs, documents, and film clips.  Users can personalize their experience by taking Pathway Challenges and creating their own movies and posters. 


1,600 pts

Screen Chomp iPad app

NOW LIVE! Screen Chomp is a powerful iPad app that empowers students to create and narrate their own screenrecordings. Students learn more deeply, as they demonstrate their learning and help their classmates to learn.


1,200 pts

Storybird Digital Storytelling


NOW LIVE! Storybird is a Web 2.0 tool that allows students to develop their digital storytelling skills while writing stories around a wide variety of quality artwork. These stories become online eBooks that can be viewed by others.

2,000 pts 

Using PowerPoint to Create eBooks

NOW LIVE! Microsoft PowerPoint can be used as a simple way to make eBooks.  Students who author eBooks develop important writing, visual, and speaking skills. eBooks can be shared with other students, added to the school's library, and viewed on computers or mobile devices.  


2,400 pts