Diigo Social Bookmarking for Students

Maximum Points: 1,600

Summary: Diigo is a social information networking tool that allows the user to bookmark, highlight, and attach sticky notes to various websites. Users can mark to read later, create lists, and tag their selected sites.  Social networking features allow users to follow other users, create and join groups, and be part of a Diigo community.  A console allows teachers to set up accounts, without using email, for their students.  Students can access their bookmarks and notations from home or school.  On their own computers, they can install a browser add-on to make the Diigo tools readily available during the search process.

Alignment to CCSS: College and Career Readiness RLA Anchor Standards R7, W6 - W8, SL2, and SL5.

REACH Alignment: Domains 1 - 4

Supports for a Personalized Library: Teachers can assist students in creating their own customized bookmarks, highlights, and notations to bring personal processes to research and learning.  The sharing features allow students to collaborate and communicate with the teacher and each other to maximize learning. Diigo works well across multiple grade levels and subject areas to grow with students' abilities.

Activity in CPS University for CPDU Credit: Regular CPS teachers should enroll in CPS University to attain CPDU credit for completing this course.(Available after Oct 9). Charter school librarians should click here to request your CPDU credit after completing your challenge activity quiz. One (1) CPDU credit will be available for those who complete the module quiz with 70% or better.

Screencast: Click here to watch the training video.

Challenge Activity: After viewing the screencast and practicing the skills, click here to take your module quiz.

Support PDF: Click here if you would like to learn these skills from a handout instead.