National Archives - Digital Vaults
Maximum Points: 1,600

Summary: The National Archives has created an outstanding educational website called Digital Vaults.  This website highlights over 1,200 selected resources.  Students can keep a running list of items they have seen, curate their own online collection, take a Pathway Challenge, search the collection, and create their own movies and posters.
Alignment to CCSS: College and Career Readiness RLA Anchor Standards: R3, R7, R9, SL2, SL5

REACH Alignment: Domains 1 and 3
Supports for a Personalized Library: Personalized libraries support a wide range of learning options to meet various student interests and skills.  The Digital Vaults website supports this vision by fostering highly individualized learning experiences.  Students can build their own collections and resource lists, create a Pathway Challenge game, and make digital movies and posters to share their learning with other.  This website supports learning at a wide range of skills levels, especially in the middle elementary grades through high school, to challenge advanced students while providing learning opportunities for lower and on-level students, as well.
Activity in CPS University for CPDU Credit: Regular CPS teachers should enroll in CPS University to attain CPDU credit for completing this course. Charter school librarians should click here to request your CPDU credit after completing your challenge activity quiz. One (1) CPDU credit will be available for those who complete the module quiz with 70% or better.
Screencast: Click here to watch the training video.
Challenge Activity: After viewing the screencast and practicing the skills, click here to take your module quiz. 
Support PDF: Click here if you would like to learn these skills from a handout instead.
Bonus Challenge: Although not a part of the PLUS Tech game, for those who are already familiar with this website, take the time to create a movie or digital poster to share with your students.